Pioneer Oil Museum of New York

Bolivar Motor Oil can

Welcome to the Pioneer Oil Museum of New York. The museum website has adopted a color scheme based on the colors used on the label of 'Bolivar Motor Oil' cans.


Mission Statement

The Pioneer Oil Museum of New York, Inc., believing that knowledge and understanding of the local oil and gas industries are vital to the heritage of this area, will preserve the history and legacy of these businesses. The museum will act as a repository for significant artifacts used throughout Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties. The museum will house in a readily central location, articles and information of historical value or interest pertaining to these industries. It will accumulate and display materials relevant to the local industries. Realizing that the success and operations of the local fields were not possible without a dedicated workforce, the museum will honor the men who were pioneers in these endeavors. The museum will provide educational resources for local schools and colleges, as well as a research facility for any persons involved in investigations of these industries.

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On the Inside

  • Early Drilling Tools and Oilfield Service Engines
  • Antique Oilfield Engines
  • Photos, Maps and Documents
  • Scale Model Drilling Rigs and "Central Power" Operations
  • The Old "Rig Floor Re-creation
  • Southwestern Allegany County Local History
  • Numerous Artifacts, Oddities, and Signs of the Times